What Are Ponte Trousers?

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Ponte Trousers

Move over, leggings—there is a new standard for comfortable trousers. Ponte trousers are taking the world of style by storm. These trousers combine style with comfort in a way that could replace skinny jeans and leggings as part of your go-to outfit.

If you’re looking to switch up your wardrobe with a unique style of trouser, here is everything that you need to know about Ponte.



What are ponte trousers?

Ponte trousers are a variation on leggings. The big difference is in the fabric. While leggings are made of thin material that clings to everything (and we mean everything), ponte trousers are made of a thicker fabric that provides a more flattering fit. However, the cut is just as comfortable as leggings.

Ponte trousers are a combination between the stylishness of skinny jeans and the comfort of leggings. This innovative new style is part of a larger trend called Athflow, which polishes athleisure and glamours it up for comfortable pieces that you can also wear outside of the house.

Most ponte trousers are 7/8 length or ankle-length.


Tips for a great outfit

Your ponte trousers should be fitted but not constricting. While some styles come in a looser, more casual fit, most ponte pants are tailored close to the leg. Anything too loose will look sloppy thanks to the stretchy fabric.

You should also pay attention to the length. Your ponte trousers should hit at the ankle or just above it.

What to wear with ponte trousers

Any longer, looser top works well with ponte trousers as it balances out the silhouette. Anything from a chunky sweater to a kaftan will help you create a stylish look using these trousers as a base.

Ponte trousers are great for a casual outing or just running errands. Pair them with an oversized sweater and some statement sneakers for a look that makes you seem put together without demanding too much effort.

For a more formal look appropriate for the office, wear a long blouse and a blazer on top and formal office shoes. Keep your other pieces more tailored and formal to balance out the relative casualness of ponte trousers.

As a last outfit suggestion, if you want to create an outfit with a little more edge, pair trousers pants with a short leather or moto jacket. If you feel uncomfortable wearing something short on top with tight pants, you can always wear a longer T-shirt underneath the jacket.



What shoes to wear..

The great thing about ponte trousers is that they are so versatile you can wear them with almost any pair of shoes. Your choice of shoe will depend on your comfort level, the season, and the occasion that you are preparing for.

For a casual look, wear ponte trousers with your favourite bold, stylish trainers. Although running shoes may be too simple for this outfit, a pair of colourful Keds or Converse can work well with ponte trousers for a grocery store run or a kid’s soccer game.

When you’re looking for a sturdier shoe or something more formal, you can’t go wrong with an ankle boot. Ponte trousers hit right above the ankle, so a taller boot will look strange, but ankle boots hit at just the right length. Get a black pair of ankle boots for a sleek monochrome look or a lighter colour for a statement pair.

Finally, you can even wear ponte trousers with heels as long as you have a more formal, tailored pair on. Heels and a nice sweater make ponte trousers perfect for holiday parties.


Are they work appropriate?

Ponte trousers are appropriate for most offices as long as you have the right pair. If you’re buying them for the office, make sure you get a thicker, more tailored fit instead of ponte leggings, which may be too casual. 

To style these trousers for work, pair with a tailored blouse or blazer that is long enough to cover your butt. Wear formal shoes such as Oxfords or wedge heels.

Ponte trousers are a comfortable, stylish alternative to skinny jeans, leggings, and even office trousers. They are versatile enough to dress up or down, so you can be comfortable for any occasion.


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